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How do I join other groups such as 95033Free and 95033Market?

These are other, commonly mentioned information sources in our area. Each is run by different people. The moderators of 95033talk have no ability to assist you with these items, and they each have their own policies and procedures.

  • 95033Free - - The first group set up by our very own go-Green leaders. Its all about Free Recycling. Free Recycling is all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s better for someone else to reuse your item than recycle the materials in it or have it end up as trash. This also means finding people near us to minimize energy use and pollution. The better we care for our planet, the better it takes care of us (and our kids). If you live (or work) in the 95033 Community and can resonate with the Free Recycling principles above, we welcome you to join!
  • 95033Market - - An email list for people who want to buy and sell stuff and who live in the 95033 zip code. Pretty much anything goes – produce, household goods, cars, clothes, plants etc. - but:
    • Keep it legal, and clean (no adult only type items or firearms)
    • Avoid links to other selling sites due to copyrights.
    • NO asking for money type ads
    • And finally, “buyer beware” – moderator is not responsible for adjudicating issues over misrepresentations, swindles, scams, items that don’t work etc. Use common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it might be.
  • This group / 95033Talk -
  • 95033wiki - - The newest resource for Santa Cruz Mountain residents, the 95033wiki is full of useful information about living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Anyone can edit it, and all information is public. Please help it grow by adding to it when you can!

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