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Can I Share Things Here With Other Lists Or People?

95033talk is a private group, which means that membership is limited, messages are sent only to group members, and the archives are private and searchable only by members. Being a private group helps build community and trust. It also means that members have an expectation that they are sharing with a limited group vs. on a public forum open to anyone on the internet; what they share here won't be distributed far and wide.

For example, people share images and files with the expectation that they are sharing with trusted friends; members don't expect an image will be used for commercial (or any other) purposes without the owner specifically granting permission to do so.

As a result, the general rule about sharing things outside the list is that you should exercise discretion when sharing posts and information with non-group members. If you will share information taken from 95033talk with a large audience, especially in a public forum such as in a news outlet, please get explicit permission from the original poster and others in the thread first. And, proper attribution is always appreciated.

In a few cases, permission to share may be implicit. If someone posts about a lost pet, for example, it is generally acceptable to copy the information about that missing pet - and its owner - to other sites that may help the owner find the pet. This is acceptable because the owner is implicitly trying to reach the largest audience possible to help get their pet back. No need to get permission.

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