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This message contains information about the upcoming migration of 95033Talk to the platform.  Please read it completely and contact your moderators at OR with any questions.

**What is the process?  What will happen to my subscriptions?**

The migration from Yahoo Groups to is very simple, and will require very little work for our members.  Any day now the moderators will request the migration.  At that point, the gurus will migrate all the users currently in 95033talk to  Upon successful migration, each user will:

  • keep their current email format (individual messages, digest, no mail).
  • automatically get an account in on the website (though you don't have to use it - see below)
  • get an email saying they are now members of the 95033talk group on

All the old messages in the archive will be copied to as well so we will not lose anything.

**Is there anything I will need to do?**

Yes, you will need to take one small step once the migration is complete.  You will need to change your email address book as follows:

Delete the old posting email address of and change it to

Also, please update the moderator email address to

If all you do is read messages from the group, reply, and start new threads via email, you have nothing else to do. Your membership in is done and 95033talk will work as before so long as you use the new addresses. You do not need to create a new email account, or do anything else. Email from 95033talk will go to you where it does now, how it does now. And the same email account you send messages from will work to send messages to the list as it currently does.

**What if I like to read the messages on the website or want to search the archives?**

Post migration, you will no longer be able to search the Yahoo archives or use the Yahoo groups website.  Rather, you will need to go to the site.  Here is what you will need to do:

  • Go to
  • Login with your email address. If you haven't done this before, you'll need to create a password as well.
  • If you are a member of multiple groups on, you'll have to pick 95033talk from the pull down menu labelled "Your Groups" in the top menu.
  • For posting / reading, you are set.
  • For searches, Click on "Messages" in the left hand navigation menu.  Click on the magnifying glass icon near the top; enter your search terms and click on "Search".    You'll be given a list of messages that match what you searched for going back all the way to the beginning of 95033talk in 2010.

The only other optional thing you can do in is fill in your personal profile. Once you are logged in, you'll see a pull down menu with your name in the upper right. Your choices there are "Profile" and "Logout".  The profile option lets you create some basic information about yourself that others can see. You can fill that out however you want - including not at all. 

**Should I begin to post there now?  When do I stop posting to this yahoogroup?**

Once we begin the migration, the will be made read-only. Your moderators will go in and do some housekeeping, clean out the test emails etc.   Once the migration is complete, we will let you that emails should be posted to the new group.  At the same time, we will shut down this 95033Talk Yahoo group so no messages will be accepted here.

**Anything else?**

2 things:

1.  We've created a place in to hold the 95033talk Rules & Regs, and the 95033talk FAQ. We ask that you read (or re-read) them to better help everyone make the best use of this group. 

2. Please note that 95033free and 95033market are not moving to You'll keep using the usual yahoo email addresses for those groups.

That's it.  As stated before, if you have any questions, please send email to the moderators via the linked address above.


Alex, Sanjay, Jeff.