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How Do I Change The Email Address I Have Associated With The Group?

Sadly, the moderators can’t change which email address you’re using in the group for you, though we regularly get this request. Instead, you can do this yourself, and has features to make it easy.

Once you're logged into, you'll see a pull down menu in the upper right. On it is a choice labelled "Profile". Select that.

The screen that appears shows the information knows about you and includes a list of the groups you are a member of. In the upper right is a button labelled "Edit Profile". Click on it.

The page that comes up has a place to change your primary email address at the top. That is the email address that you login to with. If you want to change your email address, simply enter a new one, press "Change Email", and follow any other instructions that come up.

If you have multiple email addresses and might send messages to 95033talk or other groups hosted on, that's easy to manage as well. At the bottom of the same page is a list of your email aliases. These are simply alternate email addresses that you own, and that will treat as if they were your main address. You can add email aliases by entering an address in the email alias box and clicking on "Add Email Alias". If it doesn't work and you get a message saying "That email address is already registered." you'll need to contact support. The address you're trying to use has already been used as a primary login address on, and it doesn't know it is related to your account. This can happen with group transfers (as we did with 95033talk) where you may have posted from multiple addresses in the old group.

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