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How Do I Get Less Email From The Group?

Sometimes 95033talk can send a lot of email to your inbox.  The default message delivery format is individual emails, but there are basically three choices that you can select from in your preferences on

  • Individual Emails – Get them all, one at a time.
  • Daily Digest – Get them in bunches.  Messages are delivered in batches up to a maximum number or once daily, whichever comes sooner. You get all the messages this way, but they don’t take up as much space in your email inbox. They also don’t arrive in real time, so keep in mind that some things – like emergency information – will arrive in a delayed manner.
  • No Email – Get no email delivered to your inbox.  Read messages in the user interface.

The website is pretty simple to navigate - much simpler than Yahoo's - and changing these options or reading messages online shouldn't be hard to figure out.

If these don't give you enough control over message volume, there are a couple of other things that may help:

Mute threads that don't interest you. There is a "Mute Thread" link at the bottom of each message. If you click on that you'll be taken to the website (where you may have to login) and from there you can mute the thread in question so that you won't see messages from it in the future. This isn't a huge help, but if a thread goes on for a long time and you're not interested, it may be worth doing.

Create filters in your email software. If there are topics, keywords, or people that you simply don't want to hear about (or from) use the filtering provided by your software to make those things go into your deleted folder. We can’t provide instructions in this FAQ because there are so many different email programs out there, but if you can create a filter to move all email containing “95033talk” into its own folder, it won’t clog up your inbox, and you can look in the folder for email from the group whenever it is convenient. Again, each email program has its own way of doing this, so you will have to figure it out in your specific case.

Consider filtering on hashtags. These are new with, and their use will be developing over time, but they appear only in message subject lines, and as they become more common you may be able to filter messages with certain hashtags into your regular email inbox, and all other messages from 95033talk into a separate folder to review later (or never). As we get more hashtags developed and establish local usage patterns, this may become more useful.

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