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How Do I Reply To Messages?

Messages sent to 95033talk are emailed to almost all members of the list (a very small number only read messages in the web based user interface). If you want to reply to one of those messages, there are several ways to do it, and things to look for in each case:

Use the “Reply” or “Reply-All” functionality of your email reading program. By default 95033talk is set up to send replies back to the entire group. But there are some things to note:

If you are replying to a previous reply (rather than the first message in a thread), some email programs change the content of certain headers and thus change where the reply goes. This varied widely in our experience when the system was on Yahoo Groups, and we expect that will continue, but may be better about these things. Time will tell.

You can also use the "Reply to Group” link at the bottom of the email. If you click on that, it should open a new blank message in your email tool and let you compose an email to the entire group. Note that the message will not contain the original text that the original sender sent out; it will start as a blank message.  But it will keep the subject line of the original message so people will have some clue what you are replying to.

If you only want to send your reply back to the sender – a “private reply” – you have more work to do. By default there is no way to use the reply or reply-all functions in your email software to make that happen. There are 2 ways to overcome that:

Most email software will display the name and email address of the sender, even if they won't reply to that person directly. In this case you can copy the sender's email address from that display, then paste it into the TO line, and (finally) delete the group address ( from that same TO line.

Alternately, click on the "Reply to Sender" link at the bottom of the email. That will open your email program and address the message to the original poster of the message you are replying to. However, the contents of the message won't be present, so you may have to copy & paste the message body into the email yourself to give the recipient some context.

Things to consider and watch out for:

As a rule, it is best to read all the emails on a topic before replying. Sometimes someone else has already said it, whatever "it" may be.

Replying to message digests has changed somewhat from when this group was hosted with Yahoo. Now there are reply links below each message in the digest, so you can reply individually to any given message. This helps keep things clear and lets the system thread messages properly, so use those links to reply!

Be careful where your reply is going. 95033talk is intended to encourage discussion among group members. That’s why replies go back to the entire group by default. If you only want to reply to the sender, check the TO and CC lines of your email very carefully before hitting send and change them as needed. The rule is to check where your email is going before you hit "Send". In a long thread, any number of email systems could have messed up where emails come from and go to, so caution is always a good idea.

Finally, remember that once an email is sent, you can't take it back or delete it.

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