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Who Do I Contact With Questions?

Many people have questions such as figuring out what is appropriate to post to the list / general list etiquette. Others have questions about not getting emails or need some technical advice.

There are currently 3 moderators on this list: Alexandra Hall, Sanjay Kandelwal, and Jeff Powell. These questions, and many more, can be answered by them, if they aren’t already answered in this FAQ, or in the 95033talk Rules & Regs post.  The best way to contact all of the moderators is to send a message to the moderator email at

Emails sent to the moderator email will get to all 3 moderators; at least one of them will reply. We strongly encourage people to not pick and choose a moderator for questions (even if the one you chose seems to be online all the time).

So, please send the question to all of the moderators.  It also helps all the moderators see what questions are being asked, and we can collectively work on ways to make things easier and better for our list members, including updating this FAQ.

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