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95033talk Group FAQ, Rules, and the LocalWiki

  1. 95033Talk Rules & Regulations - laying out what is ok and not ok to post, etiquette, how to contact moderators etc.
  2. 95033talk FAQ. Please review it, and let your moderators know if you have additional questions that need to be included there.
  3. 95033 LocalWiki - Most things you might expect to find here related to site content are actually better stored in this site, which has been under development since 2015. For items of general interest about living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, please see that site, and feel free to update it! LocalWiki - the service used - has very useful map features and provides better linking between pages.

CZU Lightning Fire Wiki Page

Old Pages

95033talk Loma Fire pages

These grew in a hurry in Sept/Oct of 2016 as a result of the Loma Fire.