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95033talk is the group for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas of the Santa Cruz / Los Gatos Mountains to discuss local issues .

  • asking for recommendations for services
  • asking for advice / sharing advice
  • discuss local and timely issues
  • notifying neighbors of upcoming events
  • provide / get information on emergencies / fire

Please do not use this list to sell items. A general pitch for your business is OK in response to a request for goods/services, or if you need to announce a new wine/artwork/soap collection/feature/website etc but please limit this to once a month or less. Users who continually pitch their businesses will be banned.

Please do not use this list for romantic or sexual purposes.
Please use 95033market to sell things or 95033free if you have things to give away.

Please be mindful of the open nature of this list when you post and be cautious with giving away your personal information.

Please don't use this group as a social media outlet to share pictures of your family or general stuff that is interesting to you (that's what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are for).

Finally, be kind and considerate in your posts. When responding to requests for recommendations, people are obviously interested in negative experiences too but you may want to simply post to the list that you can provide comments on XYZ and suggest the inquirer email you off list. The implication will be clear enough and it may not be a good idea to air your dirty laundry so publicly!

Also, occasionally due to some timely event, the list veers onto topics that would normally be considered ones to avoid at a dinner party - politics, religion, guns, … people are welcome to post their opinions, but please note that aggressive critiquing of someones opinion does not usually lead to helpful discussion. It is usually sufficient to merely post your own views and to be sure that the tone and language you use would be something you would say in person.  Too much of those posts and the moderators will cut it off.

Deeper Guidelines are available, as is a FAQ.  We encourage everyone to read them.   And, those wanting more information about living in the Santa Cruz Mountains can also check out the 95033 wiki.

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